About Us

Windoor’s showrooms in St Marys and Willoughby are a true representation of the quality timber windows and doors that Windoor supplies to leading architects, developers, builders and home owners right across Australia. Make an appointment to visit one of our showrooms and discover for yourself why Windoor has become the reputable market leader and supplier it is today.

Our Story

From humble beginnings, Windoor was founded by John and Cathie Dolan alongside their son Ian (pictured) in 1985. At that time, Windoor operated from a small garage in Liverpool, Sydney, where the company commenced manufacturing timber windows and doors.

Now, more than 30 years later with a wealth of new technology and experience, Windoor operates from a 5,000 square metre factory base with the most up to date machinery, tooling and craftsmanship available in today’s bespoke joinery market.

Windoor is led by a passionate and experienced team of project managers, joiners and administrative staff, with John, Cathie and Ian still remaining active in the business today.

Our Technology

Windoor has always been at the forefront of technology, recognising the value in achieving the greatest accuracy. 15 years ago, we commissioned one of the most advanced component lines for our industry in the world, and today there is still only two of these CNC Machines in Australia.

CNC stands for ‘Computer Numerical Control’ which means the computer converts the design produced by the computer aided software (CAD) into numbers. The numbers can be considered as the coordinates of a graph and they control the movement of the cutters.

With more than 30 years’ experience, Windoor prides itself on being a socially responsible innovator in the timber windows and doors industry.

Our Team

Here at Windoor we value customer care and commitment to providing quality craftsmanship, all values defined by our people. We value each and every staff member at Windoor. Each of our 35 staff members brings their own unique yet essential skills to the team.

Our technical project managers and are all are qualified joiners with over 55 years’ experience in timber windows and doors between them.

Our technical project managers regularly meet on-site, in client offices, or in our production facility showroom to clarify and discuss details of timber species, hardware, glass types and all the client’s needs.

Once all of the final details are determined, your project manager will produce a clear yet detailed quotation of your desired requirements. All their expertise is available to you throughout the manufacturing process as well as after completion of project.


Stuart is a tradesman specialised in joinery with many years of experience. He has a strong knowledge of federation and heritage work. This invaluable knowledge only comes from working many years in this niche field. Stuart brings great skill and expertise to Windoor that is hard to come by.


A joiner by trade, Ryan contributes a wealth of experience when it comes to making of all our custom products. Ryan has a strong understanding of timbers allowing him to provide recommendations which consider each timber’s character and look in order to create something that fits perfectly in the space. Ryan is a very experienced and hands-on team member offering a refreshing and young approach to Windoor’s team.


Lisa communicates with all of our sales and production teams to make sure everything is running smoothly and up to date. She also closely communicates with the clients to ensure they are ready to receive their products on their specified due dates. Running on time is of the utmost importance at Windoor and Lisa is a driving forced to getting it all right.