Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are a horizontal window, with sashes which slide back and forth. These windows are simple and easy to use. Seals are fitted on all sliding windows to prevent draught and help with noise reduction. Sliding windows can be specified with a variety of hardware, screening and security options.

Why Choose Sliding Windows for Your Home?

Sliding windows are a popular window style in homes across Australia thanks to their low maintenance, as well as the ability to add security screens and their space-saving capabilities.

Low Maintenance

Thanks to the minimal parts involved in the window, sliding windows cost less time and effort to maintain over the life of the window.

These windows are also an excellent choice for those looking for an easy-to-operate window. Given their minimal operating parts, sliding timber windows tend to also be far more durable over time.

Security & Insert Protection

With such versatile windows, it is important to have security options to match. A great way to keep pests out – both the criminal kind and the insect kind – without compromising your view or ventilation is with mesh screens or flyscreens.

Windoor’s sliding windows are designed to accommodate a flyscreen on the inside of the window that slides beautifully, just like the sliding sash. Other companies simply clip the flyscreen to the outside of the window, which inevitably comes loose.

Space Saving

A sliding window is a great choice for your room if it is small or narrow, as sliding windows don’t require the additional room to swing open and close.