French Doors

French doors are classically a pair of hinged doors that open outwards. These doors can be manufactured to any design including federation, colonial or full glass.

Entry doors can be specified with a variety of hardware, screening and security options. Seals are fitted on all doors to prevent draught and help with noise reduction.

What are French Doors?

The term ‘French doors’ can be traced back to around the 17th century when the French used the Renaissance style, which focuses on proportion, symmetry and light, to develop window-like doors that allowed more light into their homes – well before the days of electricity.

Fast forward to today where Windoor’s doors are all solid timber and can be manufactured to any design you wish, including Federation, Colonial, full glass or with as many bars as you desire.

Light & Space

A major benefit of these doors is their ability to create the illusion of more space using natural light.

For smaller homes or rooms, using French doors as either internal or external doors is an energy efficient way to increase the amount of light in the room, while still maintaining your home’s security.


French doors don’t just open your home up to more light, they also open up your view! Using these doors as an external door out to your backyard, patio or even balcony is a cost effective way to connect your home and the outdoors together.

If you want to connect two smaller rooms within your house while still maintaining the idea they are separate rooms, internal French doors can also give you this versatility.


You don’t need to sacrifice your home security to have stunning timber doors in your home. With improvements in manufacturing techniques, French doors can be made with highly sturdy materials – making them safe enough to use as security doors.

These hard-wearing materials also mean that French doors require little maintenance once they are installed, making them a worthwhile investment for your home.