Sliding Doors

Sliding doors slide back and forth. The doors can be left or right sliding and can stack to one side of an opening or both sides for larger openings. Sliding doors are easy to maintain and quiet to operate. Sliding doors can be specified with a variety of timber, hardware, screening and security options.

Why Choose Sliding Windows for Your Home?

Sliding doors are such a staple for so many Australian homes. These beautiful and functional doors are like a glass wall, giving you great views of your backyard and providing a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors.

Natural Light & Ventilation

With beautiful large panes of glazed glass encased by bespoke timber, you can avoid using your electricity by pulling back the blinds or curtains and letting the room flood with sunlight through your sliding doors.

These doors can also welcome fresh air into your home; team your sliding door with a fly-screen to allow natural ventilation without fear of pesky insect intruders.

Versatile & Durable

Sliding doors don’t just have to be used as a gateway between your indoors and outdoors, they can also be cleverly incorporated into your indoor space. Why not add some beautiful timber slidable doors to your family room or lounge room to help lock in sound during a family movie night.

Great for Large Openings

Do you have a big space that requires a door? Windoor can manufacture a multiple slider or stacker slider door to make the most of your space.

This door type works as where there are multiple slidable doors. As the door is opened (or closed) the door “picks up” the door next to it and they are all stacked to the side.