We are all responsible for the environment and Windoor Joinery strives to sensibly utilise what nature has provided.

Timber is one of the most efficient insulators and because of its organic nature, requires considerably less energy to manufacture than other products like PVC and aluminium.

Carbon Footprint

Your carbon footprint is a measurement of how your global climate impacts the environment through the use of a particular product. The use of sustainably harvested timber as a building material has a much lower carbon footprint, so choosing timber as your preferred building material has a much more environmentally friendly outcome.

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Recycled Timbers

Windoor Joinery uses significant quantities of recycled materials, including Blackbutt and is increasing its involvement in using certified sustainable forest products.

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Energy Consumption

We are also undertaking a program to reduce electricity consumption in favour of compressed air along with installing solar panels to the factory roof. In the Windoor Joinery factory, waste timber is kept to a minimum and recycled where possible.

Glass offcuts are recycled and wood shavings are utilised as animal bedding and fertilisers.