Entry & Architectural Doors

First impressions count, and your entry door is no different. Windoor can craft a bespoke entry door for your home in a variety of high-quality timbers including bush fire-resistant timbers. Entry doors can be specified with a variety of hardware, screening and security options. Seals are fitted on all doors to prevent draught and help with noise reduction.

Why Choose a Bespoke Entry Door for Your Home?

Your entry door isn’t just a gateway to your home, it is your first impression on visitors and passers-by, it is also part of your home’s curb appeal to potential home buyers.

On top of the aesthetic value of your entrance door, it also serves some more practical purposes, such as noise reduction, increasing energy efficiency and most importantly, security.


A big part of your choice of entry door is based purely on aesthetics. With your front door being such a focal point of your home, it can serve as a complement of your interior style or as a bold contrast.

Having a house with an attractive frontal appearance or ‘curb appeal’ is important to selling your home to potential buyers and your entrance door actually plays a big part in this.

Heat & Sound Insulation

The right entrance door can increase your home’s energy efficiency by sealing the temperature in and keeping the ever-changing weather outside where it belongs.

A bespoke timber front door made from high quality materials will also provide you with sound insulation, helping to block noises from the street outside.


While your entry door should be welcoming to your family and visitors, it should also act as a line of defence against uninvited guests.

A well-crafted, sturdy front door may be the first deterrent to a would-be criminal looking to enter your home, with many criminals still using the front door as an entry point into your home.